Posted on Thursday, 31 May 2018.

Ultradata’s American Express FX International Payments interface is now in general release for My Viewpoint Next Generation internet banking – giving your customers a great self-service tool to transfer foreign currency.

The interface is seamlessly integrated into both My Viewpoint and Business Viewpoint.

It provides a simple step-by-step user experience, real time rate information and plenty of assistance to guide even the most inexperienced of users. Ultracs 4.3 is a minimum system requirement.

The ability to save recipient details for future transactions is just one of many features designed to create an excellent customer experience. As your customers discover this simple and easy way to make transactions, you should see the benefit of watching your transaction volumes grow – equating to increased non-interest income!

Southern Cross Credit Union was the Early Adopter for the American Express FX International Payments interface. This is what their CEO, Stuart Edwards, has to say:

"We’re delighted to have partnered with Ultradata and American Express to provide our customers with a fast, seamless and secure way to make international payments via online banking. From the comfort of their home, using NetBanking, our customers now have access to competitive exchange rates in more than 130 countries around the world."

Financial institutions can manage the solution easily by choosing who has access to foreign currency transfers, whether different transaction limits will apply and if a One-Time Password is required for payments. Foreign currency transfers also have discrete transaction codes for reporting, fee charging and management; and they can also be tracked by monitoring tools such as the optional Fraud Interceptor - 24 x 7.

Settlements, commissions and margins are all within Ultracs and standard reports have been included.

American Express has been processing international money transfers for over 120 years and their portfolio includes over 130 currencies.

American Express FX International Payments interface is an optional module, for more information please contact your Client Relationship Manager.