Friday, 13 July 2018

Ultradata would like to congratulate Endeavour Mutual Bank for successfully activating Australia’s first ‘.bank’ domain this month in a move to better protect their members.

Ultradata has worked together with Endeavour Mutual Bank and infrastructure and managed services provider Transaction Solutions (TAS) on the project which has involved the bank changing their web address from ending in ‘’ to a new ‘.bank’ address ( The new address provides robust security and meets strict verification requirements to reduce the risk of cyber threats and enable a more secure environment for members to easily identify.

Endeavour Mutual Bank is the first Australian bank to activate a domain of this kind. Since the dot bank environment is exclusive to the banking industry, it provides a level of security unmatched in traditional internet environments. Only verified banking institutions are permitted to use the dot bank domain, giving members an immediate visual message of trust and integrity. Unlike ‘’ domains, fraudsters cannot get a dot bank domain, or email address that looks like it, in order to impersonate and phish members or employees.

The bank’s recent press release stated:
“The new domain is an online stamp of trust. It is a simpler, quicker, more thorough way to inform members and protect them against cyberattacks.”

The website launched this month following a deployment of .bank email addresses in May. The six month implementation project involved a collaborative approach between Endeavour Mutual Bank, TAS and Ultradata to accommodate the .bank domain across all digital and online banking channels.