We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the digital transformation journey at Auswide Bank.

Choosing to adopt Ultradata’s Ultracs CMS as their public facing website, Auswide Bank has taken a strategic leap in their commitment to remain competitive to enhance their digital presence, by elevating their user experience for their customer base.

Who us Auswide Bank?

Auswide Bank holds over $4.4 billion in assets, making it one of Ultradata's largest clients to utilise the Ultracs CMS for their public website.

Auswide Bank, headquartered in Bundaberg, Queensland, believe that it's the small things that can give life meaning and create real value to their customers. With over 85,000customers, Auswide Bank's mission revolves around putting people first, underpinned by a strong commitment to community and socially responsible banking.

Auswide Bank's investment objectives

The underlying objective of Auswide Bank's adoption of the Ultracs CMS was to bring their digital strategy to the forefront of their business. This investment decision was specific in the delivery of the following objectives;

Why Ultracs CMS over the other brands?

With Auswide Bank’s existing core and digital banking infrastructure already integrated - Ultracs 5.1, Ultracs App 2, Ultracs MVP3, and Ultracs Forms, the decision to adopt the Ultracs CMS was the logical next step.

Ultracs 5.1 core banking infrastructure has been instrumental in ensuring the bank's operational stability and reliability. This core system is the backbone of Auswide Bank's financial services, offering a secure and efficient platform for managing customer accounts, transactions, and other critical banking functions.

Ultracs My Viewpoint 3 and Ultracs App 2 have greatly enhanced the bank's digital banking capabilities. The two products allow a feature-rich desktop and mobile banking experience, enabling convenient access to banking services for customers.

Ultracs Forms enables Auswide Bank to create and manage, secure and responsive, branded forms in minutes. Utilising digital forms not only enhances Auswide Bank’s ability to maximise sales and customer acquisition by assisting them to seamlessly gather customer information but also reduces paperwork. A more environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

The latest Ultradata acquisition of the Ultracs CMS, provides Auswide Bank with a comprehensive banking solution. The overall package allows Auswide Bank to manage its digital presence efficiently and effectively, and gains the advantage of being able to manage website content internally and on demand, and empowers the organisation to provide customers with the most up-to-date information and services as needed.

Benefits to Auswide customers

The benefits of the Ultracs CMS to Auswide Bank’s customer base are wide-reaching in several ways;

Tailored content and services - Auswide Bank has the ability to customise the website's content and services ensuring that customers receive information and tools that are relevant to their financial goals and preferences.

Enhanced user experience - customers enjoy an enhanced online banking journey featuring a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, ensuring accessibility for a wide-range of users.

Increased engagement - Auswide Bank is well positioned to effectively engage its existing customer base by offering support for customer’s financial needs, and providing easy access to products and services.

Catering to diverse audiences - The new website is designed to cater to a diverse range of audiences. The majority of the existing member base being aged 35-60 positions the design of the website to focus on ease of navigation and accessibility, and recognises that not everyone in this group may be tech-savvy.

The Millennial customer base, aged 24-39, will find the website tailored to their tech-savvy and inquisitive nature, and offers engaging tools and features while prioritising simplicity and mobile-friendliness.

The home buying customer base exploring mortgage options, will experience a seamless journey that is supported by user-friendly tools and engaging content, that will assure a smooth user experience.

On the project front, as most may acknowledge, project management and its implementation is not an easy task. The Ultradata and Auswide Bank teams brought together a diverse set of skills and knowledge that assured an experienced approach and problem solving when needing to address project challenges.

Throughout the course of the project, there were numerous tickets raised and effectively resolved, thanks to the team’s capacity for transparent and efficient communication. This facilitated the exchange of important information, timely progress updates, and quick resolution of issues. This proactive approach not only prevented potential bottlenecks but also developed a culture of accountability within the teams.

We wish to thank all the teams from Auswide Bank who contributed to the success of this project and to Ultradata's own; Innovation, Cloud Services, Technical Assistance, and Mobile project teams who played a pivotal role in this achievement.

The adoption of Ultradata's Ultracs CMS marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards a more digitally empowered and customer-centric future for Auswide Bank, and we look forward to achieving many more milestones together.