The sheer brilliance of our single view of the customer, single source of truth, total process integration, fundamental system integrity, 360 degree fraud protection, and all channels working in harmony should not be underestimated. This is something that so many financial institutions have still not achieved.

A vast array of entirely re-imagined banking processes are available with Ultracs.

Built just for you to create your unique customer experience. Comprising everything you need to run your banking organisation from customer facing solutions to reconciling the banking transactions and everything in between. It all starts with your customer.


Ultracs is a functionally rich, stable and robust system with a wide range of additional products to give you a one stop solution to run your banking organisation.


  • Core banking system with full payments processing and financial management to balance your bank so that you remain safe and secure and in business for a long time
  • Customer relationship management solution to focus on your most important asset - your customer – and it’s not just an add on, it is fundamentally designed into the system
  • Loan origination and end to end loan management solution to support your customer’s most important buying decisions
  • Banking on your devices - self-service solutions for internet banking and mobile app banking for the customer’s own “branch on the go”
  • Fraud management solution to protect all of your customers’ transactions
  • Full suite of payment channels including cards and credit cards, cheques, direct entry and bill payment options

The face of the Ultracs solution is a single customer view that captures every contact, service and customer touch point. Customers’ products and account relationships are visible on a single screen allowing your teams to work with one solution, and deliver excellent customer service simply and easily.

Ultracs is the relationship banking core system which means every member of your team can be a branch. You don’t have to wait for your customers to come to you – get your team out of the office and meet your customers in their workplace or at your sponsored event to offer a unique customer experience. Your Ultracs system can run on a tablet or laptop with direct access to the Ultracs core system.

Your customer can mix and match where to manage their enquiry and see the same outcome regardless of channel; start the process face to face, complete it on the internet.

With a fully responsive internet banking solution, you can delight your customers whether they’re using their mobile phone, their tablet, or their desktop computer. Create your ideal customer experience while providing the key services such as transferring funds, bill payment, card management, loan applications, and secure communications directly with your customer as well as integrated cross-selling and marketing opportunities.

Plus, put everything at your customers’ fingertips - the Ultracs app combines a full range of banking options with sales, marketing and communication tools. It’s fun; it’s convenient; it’s friendly; and it works!

Our lending solution capability ranges from customer acquisition, application, identity verification, loan origination, automated decision engine, and funding, right through to the ongoing management of the loan during your customers’ loan lifecycle.

Fundamental to your success, Ultracs offers a range of highly flexible and functionally rich options in the creation of your savings and investments product set. Process oriented workflows such as the Open Savings Account wizard drive efficiency.

A range of payment solutions are available to offer to your customers, including direct entry payments, customer cheque accounts, and bill payments. Ultracs clients were amongst the first to implement the New Payments Platform in Australia.

The Ultracs solution supports ATM-only cards, debit cards or credit cards; our card solutions for your customers’ convenience are managed from application to card issue and ongoing portfolio management, including self-service options for your customers.

We have a solution that will monitor every transaction, and alert you to anomalies in order to protect your customers. Our integral Fraud Interceptor is a multi-channel defence against fraudulent activity and anti-money laundering that operates in real-time, analysing every transaction passing through Ultracs. The Fraud Interceptor is the best of breed fraud prevention tool anywhere in the world.

Achieve your business outcomes sooner with automation and workflow optimisation increasing your overall productivity. Technology is the enabler and the Ultracs core system gives you additional tools to create your best possible customer experience with an evolved system that allows you to create alerts, send messages, create documents and perform multiple tasks in one.

We offer over 500 standard reports, or you can create your own reports and dashboards from your data warehouse. We equip you with the tools to access information that suits every part of your business.

Our API Connector gives you flexibility to build your own customer experience if our pre-built one doesn’t match your needs. Giving you the best of all worlds you can choose the services you need while keeping your Ultracs core banking system as the single source of all truth for your customers’ data.

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