Relationship Management is totally integrated into Ultracs, providing a true and complete single view of the member’s financial and service usage as well as the operational and non-operational relationships – specific to the brands you deploy.

Your members are your most important asset and we have the philosophy that everything you do in your business starts with your members’ experience, every time they deal with you.

A member view - one solution, the same information

The face of Ultracs is a single member view that captures every contact, service, and member interaction, and presents the appropriate opportunities / offers that will deliver value to your member and grow the relationship.

Member account relationships, and even non-financial products, are all visible so that your whole team works with the one solution, with the same information.

Ultracs also enables you to deploy an integrated set of member-driven best practices across all your processes and gives your organisation the flexibility to be able to create processes, build scripts, and record all member contact.


Capture leads and convert them to new members simply and easily with automated workflows that make the experience a pleasure to work with - as easy as 1-2-3.

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