Ultradata and Bank First have collaborated closely to rollout a very large and complex core banking system upgrade, setting the foundation for Bank First to progress their future focused digital banking strategy.

The Bank First ‘Ultracs 5.1’ upgrade, from ‘Ultracs 5.0’, represents the first step in a contract extension plan that will see Bank First leverage the latest digital tools in the Ultracs Ecosystem to accelerate the digitisation of their bank.

In November 2021, Ultradata and Bank First began negotiations and discussions with the purpose of extending their existing contract. In June 2022, Bank First decided to renew their contract with Ultradata, keen to embrace the latest Ultradata digital banking developments, with upgrade project work commencing shortly after to meet the tight project milestones with enough time to navigate complex system requirements.

Another important deciding factor for Bank First for the upgrade were the benefits of the Ultracs Ecosystem library of solutions that are completely integrated in the core banking system and deliver seamless processing experiences.

Ultradata successfully rolled out the Ultracs upgrade on the 22nd of January, 2023 to give Bank First a platform for future preparedness, and the ability to scale up.


Bank First’s digital platform future prepared

Bank First is rolling out an extensive program of work to continue improving customer banking experiences, deepening customer relationships and becoming more agile for future growth and sustainability.

In this program of work, Bank First is focusing heavily on digital banking experiences to offer more customer convenience and ease of use.
The Ultracs 5.1 upgrade was the critical first step in rolling out this digital strategy, with Ultracs 5.1 being a pre-requisite for any future developments in the Ultracs Ecosystem including new features and the latest releases for;

  • Ultracs App 2;
  • My Viewpoint 3 online banking; and
  • Ultracs Connector