BankWAW is a customer-owned bank with a proud history of serving the communities of North-East Victoria and Southern New South Wales. It is named for the region's three largest towns: Wodonga, Albury, and Wangaratta.

The bank was established as the result of a merger between three credit and co-operative societies in 1970. Through subsequent mergers BankWAW has grown to serve 24,000 members.

BankWAW takes its responsibility as a community-backed bank seriously. The rise of financial fraud, perpetrated though digital channels, isn't just a BankWAW problem, but a community problem too.

In November 2023, the Australian Banking Association (ABA) and the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) brought banks from around Australia together for the Scam Accord. The Accord holds banks to the highest possible standard in fraud prevention, so they are well-placed to fight today's rapidly evolving fraud environment. Its ultimate goal is to make the Australian financial sector a tougher target for scammers.