Hume Bank, one of Ultradata's largest clients, with 1.8bn in assets, is undergoing a digital transformation underpinned by an upgrade of its core banking system. The focus is to improve customer experiences and future-proof the organisation.

Earlier this year, Ultradata and Hume Bank embarked on an Ultracs 5.1 core banking upgrade that would serve as the cornerstone to unlock the latest digital capabilities in My Viewpoint 3 and Ultracs App 2.

Midway through the project, it became apparent that Hume Bank should consider moving their planned My Viewpoint 3 project forward as it provided an opportunity to increase cost efficiencies and deliver an improved digital experience to the banks’ customers and staff earlier.

After much discussion and consideration between both organisations and, it was decided to fast-track the My Viewpoint 3 initiative by Hume Bank, with both teams understanding that this new project scope was breaking new ground for both companies.

As part of the work, Hume Bank made a conscious decision to remove 1200+ customisations, eliminating many maintenance tasks, reducing inherent risks, and eliminating legacy technical debt.